Photography tends to cut through the unstoppable flow of time, arresting things in motion. contrary to the ‘moment decisif’, the panoramic pictures presented below are a record of time – each point on the picture is a continuation of the moment immediately before and after it. The flux and flow of time and motion in space is recorded as a sequence of movements as they pass across the film plane. The standard photographic frame, a central focal point, and linear perspective are abandoned for an impression of time. the rhythms and distortions communicate something of the experience and process of making.

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Summer Sundae, 2007
Metro Boulot Dodo, 2011
Container truck in landscpae (after Jeffrey Smart), 2015
Drink Driving Grow Up, 2015
Unearthly Delights, 2013
Arrival of a train, 2015
Rainy Day , 2007